Perinatal Equity Advocate Program

Do you want to support prevention and equity at the most important time in the lifespan?

Skills  – Research – Advocacy

Nurturely’s Perinatal Equity Advocate Program mobilizes birthworkers, community members, healthcare providers, and other professionals who work with parents to serve as advocates, educators, and supporters. Nurturely’s Advocates are equipped with: 1) hands-on skills in preventative modalities for pregnancy and postpartum wellness, 2) research-based knowledge of the culture, biology, and psychology of the perinatal period, and 3) advocacy-based tools to dismantle the systems and structures that create health disparities in the perinatal period.  

Why become a Nurturely Advocate?

Perinatal Equity Advocate - Program Benefits

Topics Covered: Lactation, Baby Carrying, Postpartum Planning, Environmental Perintal Health, Racism in Perinatal Care, Culture and Perinatal Health, and much more!





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Photos/videos are sometimes taken at Nurturely events - verbal consent will be asked beforehand and opportunity to opt-out will be available. For participants who opt into being recorded/photographed, participant grants to Nurturely the right to distribute photo(s)/video(s) of themselves/ their child with the public for purposes that support Nurturely's mission. Participant releases Nurturely from any claims arising from the use of the photo(s) and waives any right to royalties or other compensation.

Angela Diaz de Leon Equity Scholarship

Are you Black, Indigenous, or another Person of Color, or from another group that faces systemic barriers to professional development in perinatal health? Click here to fill out a short application to be considered for the Angela Diaz de Leon Equity Scholarship. Angela was a fierce advocate who believed strongly that all birthworkers should have equitable access to training opportunities. This is one way we are honoring the legacy of our beautiful friend and Founding Board Member. 

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