For Society

It Takes a Village

Nurturely’s programs and communities are not just for parents. We believe all of society needs to be involved in supporting the transformational period from conception to parenthood, from womb to world, from birth to three. Whether you are a business owner, a student, a researcher, an organizer, or someone who is just curious – we welcome you! 

Awareness Days

Periodic days of advocacy and awareness are a great way to start getting involved with the world of perinatal health. 

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Coffee Chat with Healthy Birth Initiatives

Racism shapes health outcomes of Black birthing people and their babies. Join us for this FREE virtual coffee chat to learn how Healthy Birth Initiatives works to achieve healthy birth outcomes by improving the well-being of families before, during and between pregnancies.

Behind the Scenes: Research

With a team trained in interdisciplinary research, we aim to bridge the often very separate worlds of academia and the community. Nurturely collaborates with academic institutions and community members to conduct research on the questions that matter most for the heath of parents and babies. Research has historically been used for oppression and harm, yet research can also be a powerful tool for positive change when used in a way that is culturally-responsive and community-centered. 

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