Intersection of Racism and Audism in Early Hearing Detection and Interventions Systems

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Workshop: Intersection of Racism and Audism in Early Hearing Detection and Interventions Systems

This four-week virtual training experience will increase awareness of systemic racism and audism in early hearing detection and intervention systems, including perspectives on audiology, early intervention and education, health care providers, and more, featuring speakers with professional expertise and lived, intersectional experience


Continuing Education Credits from the American Academy of Audiology

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Led and Facilitated by...

Sabia Wade (She/They)

Sabia is a revolutionary CEO, doula, educator, and somatic practitioner in training, elevating the experiences of marginalized communities. Sabia embraces her role as a liberator of self by birthing new and hidden aspects of individuals while nurturing the spaces within them that have never known love, all with the goal of autonomy, justice, and equity for all.

With Featured Presenters:

Rian Gayle (He/Him/His)

Rian Gayle is the Assistant Director of Access and Inclusion in the Office of Disability Services at Western Oregon University. Rian served on the board of the Oregon Association of Higher Education and Disability (ORAHEAD), on the Advisory board of the Telecommunication Device Access Program (TDAP) under PUC, and also on the Oregon Disabilities Commission (ODC) under DHS. Rian graduated from Gallaudet University in 2010 with a Master Degree in International Development for Persons with Disabilities. Born and raised in Jamaica, Rian was a Disability Advocate and Researcher in Jamaica from 2010 – 2014 with the Jamaica Association for the Deaf. While in Kingston, Jamaica, and Washington D.C., Rian played a crucial role in advocating for communication access during the disaster. He successfully pushed for having a sign language interpreter on public broadcasts for impending hurricanes in Jamaica and also to make closed caption available in public places in Salem in 2019. Rian is also a community advocate who hosts social justice events and workshops in Salem around ableism and racism and participated in several mutual aid projects.

Gloshanda Lawyer, PhD (She/Ella, They/Ellx)

Gloshanda Lawyer, PhD is a community-based Disability Justice and Language Justice practitioner with an emphasis in abolition and making social justice spaces more accessible. She is founder and trilingual (ASL, Spanish, English) interpreter at COCOA Language, Advocacy and Consulting LLC where she also does research, workshops, trainings, and consultations at the community, national and international levels on: various issues of social justice; colonization; Deaf Education and Deaf Studies with emphasis on analyzing systems of power; multilingualism for Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled and Hard of Hearing populations; Language Justice; and Reproductive Justice and Disability Justice for Black and Disabled birthers in the United States and the Global South. She is also an Assistant Professor in ASL and Deaf Studies at Utah Valley University and a full spectrum doula.

Germaine Graham (She/Her/Hers)

Germaine Graham is the owner and founder of Deafinitely Communicating, LLC, a private speech language pathology practice established with a mission to end language deprivation among Deaf and Hard of Hearing children. Germaine is passionate about building the language and communication skills of Deaf children from home to community as early as possibly, using American Sign Language. As an ASL- fluent practitioner, Germaine seeks to ensure that Deaf children have a solid language foundation on which to build later communication, academic, cognitive, and social emotional success. She has worked in Deaf Education for more than 10 years as a speech language pathologist in residential, day, and mainstream programs for Deaf children. 
Germaine received both her B.S. and M.S. degrees in Communicative Disorders from Jackson State University in 2008 and 2010. She is a nationally certified speech- language pathologist with her Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) recognized by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA). She has participated in numerous trainings and workshops related to literacy and Deaf children, American Sign Language phonology, trauma in the Deaf community, Deaf history, Black American Sign Language, Neuroplasticity and the Deaf Brain, and many others. She is a lifelong learner who takes pride in delivering evidence-based services focused on the whole child.

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