Loss Retreat

Infusing Grief into Transformation:

Loss Retreat for Perinatal Advocates

We are inviting perinatal advocates who have lost a baby to join us for an integration of grief through ritual, somatics, nature, and social connection. The intention is for this space to be inclusive, intersectional, and interdisciplinary, and for this to be a starting point for the co-creation of a broader community of loss support. 


The coast offers the expansiveness that sometimes words cannot describe for the grief of losing a baby.

Next Dates TBD

Covid vaccination and masks required

If this date doesn’t work for you but you are interested in the broader community and future retreats, please contact us. 

Intentions for this Retreat + Community

Retreat Intentions:

1) Intersectional support for those who have experienced baby loss and are currently or aspire to be working in the perinatal health space, 2) Co-creation of a loss community focused on improving care for parents experiencing loss

Who is this for?

We are inviting people who:

  1. experienced the death of their baby, during or after pregnancy
  2. are currently or aspire to be working in the perinatal health space
  3. feel empowered in their own grief processing and feel ready to share 
  4. hold a desire to improve systems for parents experiencing loss

We are calling to this space: parents who are global majority, multicultural, queer, trans, disabled, birthing and nonbirthing parents, adoptive, surrogate, and parenting solo. We welcome you. 

We also acknowledge that this space may not feel like a good fit for everyone. We invite you to participate in our ongoing virtual memorial and we always love to hear your input on future events.

You might be wondering…

Covid-19 vaccinations will be required for all attendees. Masks will be required indoors. 

Location TBD

Attendees will be served breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Attendance includes facilitated rituals, discussions, and individual processing and relaxation options. This will be a daytime-only retreat so no accommodation or transport is included. 

Our desire is to make this offering accessible to all, regardless of financial status. This is a suggested donation event, with no one turned away from lack of funds. 

Given the sensitivity of this topic, we are offering childcare stipends to keep this an adults-only space. 

A focus of the retreat will be brainstorming of how we can infuse grief into action to improve systems for parents. If you are currently a student, volunteer, professional, or educator – or aspire to be – in any field related to pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and loss, we’d love to work alongside you to discuss changes that can be made to perinatal care systems. 

Retreat Registration

 Register Below

This question is not required, but helps us create intentional groups that center multiculturalism and personal/parenting identities that have been systematically excluded. Some options you may want to include: race, gender, partnership status, parenting status, religion...
This isn't for any specific 'type' of professional - this is for anyone who works with pregnant, postpartum, or grieving parents or perinatal healthcare systems in both formal AND informal/volunteer roles.
Please share anything about your experience and how you have processed your experience.
Nurturely's intention is to create spaces that are inclusive and intersectional. A commitment to anti-racism and anti-oppression is essential.

 Space is extremely limited for this first retreat, but our intention is to co-create an ongoing community of support. Please contact us if you cannot make this retreat but are interested in future opportunities. 

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