Milk Magic Educators: Trina

This is part of a series we are doing to highlight our inspirational Milk Magic Educators. To learn more about the program including about how to sign up, visit First up: Trina!

How did you hear about the Milk Magic Educator Program? What made you want to join the community?

I learned about Milk Magic Educator Program through Instagram. I had been following Nurturely’s account for some time and I was super excited when I saw they were offering an educators program.

What is your background in human milk education, if any?

I am a fellow breastfeeding mama, and Certified Lactation Educator Counselor.

How do you hope the program will add to your experience?

I hope this program adds valuable tips and tools on how to better help serve breastfeeding mamas.

Describe the community you serve and the community you belong to. 

I am the owner and creator of The Lactating Mama. I have an online presence on Instagram, I have a website with educational and motivational breastfeeding info. I also work with companies to offer support to mamas via a Q&A forum.

Why are you passionate about human milk feeding equity? 

I’m a mama on a mission. I want to support and encourage mamas along their journey.  I want to share the information I’ve learned in hopes to encourage breastfeeding mamas to keep going. There’s a lack of support and quality resources and I want to step in a fill that gap. What started off as a kind gesture, a post here and there, has grown and matured into a passion. I think that human milk is amazing and I want mamas to be able to make the BEST and most informed decision when it comes to feeding their children.

What has been the best part of the program? 

The information I received has been extremely beneficial. I hope to use this when working in a class setting. The information has increased my confidence in the field and how I support mothers. I can’t wait to truly put everything I gain into action.

How has the pandemic affected your work? How have you adapted?

The pandemic has definitely affected the type of consults I do. However, not the work load. I have adapted well by focusing more on reassuring mamas that breast milk is the best thing to offer their babies during these crazy times. Sharing more of the benefits of breastfeeding is something I noticed mamas want to know right now. Especially, during this time.