Nurturing BLACK

Nurturing Baby's Lived Experience as Cultural Kinship

Group Mentorship Program for White Parents Raising Black or Biracial Babies


In today’s complex society, it’s not enough to just love your child. You must be ready to recognize, talk about, and dismantle racism in all its forms. You must be prepared to uplift Black identity in a culturally-responsive way. You must learn how to reassure confidence in your child as they navigate society’s expectation of being Black in the US. Join our four-week virtual group mentorship experience led by Ayisha Elliott to learn these skills and more, while connecting with other parents and gaining confidence in your parenting. 

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April 7th to April 28th - Weekly on Thursdays
from 1:30-3:30pm PST

Humility + Responsiveness + Confidence

Session Outline


Gain tools to recognize, talk about, and dismantle racism in all its forms


Uplift Black and biracial identities in a culturally-responsive way


Increase confidence in learning to guide your child as they navigate being Black in US


Make peer connections and build a support system to bring with you into parenthood

Meet the Leader...

Welcome! I’m Ayisha, creater and leader of Nurturing BLACK.

As an Equity & Inclusion facilitator, I was inspired to create this program because I see how important it is that Black and biracial babies are being raised in homes that are not only loving, but are prepared to help guide and navigate through an increasingly racialized society. To create a home that is culturally responsive and collectively centered in Anti-Racism. In this space, you can expect to feel supported in uncomfortable realizations, but empowered in the possibility of a grounded, equity-based awareness that will buoy your child’s self esteem, self efficacy, and sense of purpose. 

Create a Home that Empowers Equity


Frequently Asked Questions

This course + community is for white parents who are currently raising or preparing to raise a Black or biracial baby. This mentorship program was designed to give parents the tools to affirm the racial identity of their child. In all Nurturely programming, we work to ensure our facilitators, materials, and internal culture are inclusive and equitable. Read more about our values here. Interested in chatting with our group leaders before the course to determine whether it is the right fit? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us here.

We always recommend that earlier engagement is better – so during pregnancy or during your period of waiting for an adoption is great! AND we welcome parents from any stage, no matter what the age of your child. It is never too late to learn, it is never too late to find community 🙂

The four weeks of content will include weekly meetings where we will learn together and  and share tools for confident parenting that empowers equity and builds cultural humility. Between meetings, there will be extra sessions and opportunities to engage with the other parents to grow your network. 

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