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Beyond the Basics

Nurturely offers tailored, evidence-based training presentations for your team. Some of our areas of training expertise are listed below. Contact us for additional trainings not listed here.

Perinatal Racism

Learn about how racism has impacted pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding. Explore evidence-based tools for combating perinatal racism within your organization and in the birth community.

Carrying Confidence

Understand the physiology, psychology and cultural context of infant carrying practices. Participate in a hands-on demo to develop confidence in safe carrying and supporting clients with carrying.

Baby nursing while parent holds baby with one hand and types on a laptop with the other hand

Workplace Policies

Let us help your business adopt policies to be a lactation- and parent- supportive workplace. Learn the research behind why this important from both a wellness perspective and a business perspective.

Woman sits cross-legged on the floor with a baby on her lap. and her head in her hands with a distressed expression

Postpartum Prevention

Though the postpartum period is inherently challenging, much of the suffering can be prevented with proactive support and evidence-based tools for mental wellness. Learn preventative tools for your staff and clients.

Lactation Preparation

Learn about how to prepare for bodyfeeding success before baby comes. Realistic overview of common lactation challenges and how to support parents in overcoming these challenges.

Culture & Development

Most science of infant development is based on Western-biased research. Learn about the roots of these biases and explore a broader range of healthy infant development from a place of cultural humility.

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