Proactive Postpartum: Trainings for Perinatal Professionals

Not all of the challenges of the postpartum period can be prevented, but many of them can.

Help parents be proactive in their planning for the time after birth. We've got you covered with an array of trainings focused on different angles of preparing for postpartum.

Proactive Preparation: Wellness Course + Communities

Positively Pregnancy: Proactive Solutions for a Prepared Postpartum

Support prenatal and postpartum wellness for the pregnant parents you work with! This training will help attendees to facilitate proactive social support and sharing of evidence-based information about how to prevent postpartum problems, including postpartum depression, feeding challenges, and relationship conflicts.

Four-week professional course includes: 8 hours of learning sessions on topics related to perinatal wellness and postpartum preparation, supplementary learning resources including articles and videos, customizable materials for postpartum planning and more, and extended access recordings and course content.

Nurturing BLACK: Baby’s Lived Experience as Cultural Kinship

Build your capacity and skills in mentoring non-BIPOC expectant parents raising Black or biracial babies. In today’s complex society, it’s not enough to just love one’s child. Parents must be ready to recognize, talk about, and dismantle racism in all its forms. Adults must be prepared to uplift Black identity in a culturally-responsive way. Caregivers must learn how to reassure confidence in their child as they navigate society’s expectation of being Black in the US. Join our four-week virtual group mentorship experience led by Ayisha Elliott to learn these skills and more for your work supporting families living a multi-racial experience.

Tiny Human Survival Training: Pre-Baby Training for the Non-Birth Parent 

Build your capacity to support the wellness of non-birthing parents, fathers, and co-parenting partners through the perinatal period. Attendees will feel equipped to support their clients with hands-on tools for optimizing parent wellbeing while helping a birthing partner recover and keeping a tiny human alive. 

Four-week professional course includes: 8 hours of learning sessions on topics related to wellness and postpartum preparation from a  partner’s perspective, supplementary learning resources including articles and worksheets, customizable support with postpartum planning, extra hands-on skills practice including diapering, carrying, soothing, and more,  and extended access recordings and course content.

Embarazo Exitoso: Soluciones Proactivas para un Postparto Preparado 

Aprende como guiar a padres y madres expectantes para prevenir los desafíos del posparto incluyendo la depresión posparto, desafíos con lactancia, y conflictos relacionales. Este es un entrenamiento virtual de cuatros semanas que incluye: Sesiones de 2 horas a la semana sobre temas relacionados al bienestar perinatal y preparación para el posparto, aprendizaje adicional como artículos y formularios.  

Además incluye acceso a nuestra plataforma de aprendizaje virtual donde tendrán material extra de aprendizaje y acceso a las grabaciones de las distintas sesiones.

Resources for Parents

Aerie Sanctuary – BIPOC Perinatal Retreat

A space for peer-to-peer wellness information-sharing and community-building led by and for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities in partnership with the NAACP. Weekly virtual meetups – free, drop in.

Babywearing & Bailando

Free in-person park meetup for parents and supporters. Learn to carry and dance with your baby while connecting with other new and expectant parents. Bilingual instruction in Spanish and English!

Aprenda a cargar y bailar con su bebé mientras se conecta con otros madres y padres nuevos y futuros.

Bringing Light to Loss

Honoring the families grieving the loss of their baby by coming together to remember each baby who is no longer with us. This ongoing virtual memorial provides support for all families journeying through infertility, loss, and grief.


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