Learn About Nurturely’s Programs: Tiny Human Survival Training

Join the upcoming cohort of our Tiny Human Survival Training program!

The partner parenting cohort, Tiny Human Survival Training’s goal is to fill the gap and address the needs of the non-birthing partner who often, rightfully don’t receive the attention of the birthing person, said group leader, Kyndl Woodlee, a counseling psychology doctoral candidate at the University of Oregon. Woodlee, a new dad himself, stresses the importance of community to partners who often do not have the space to talk about the challenges of new parenthood. Over the last three years, Woodlee has worked as a therapist in a variety of settings with particular interest in working within groups. His research has focused on intimate partner violence and masculinity.

The four-week virtual cohort features two hours per week of learning sessions on topics related to wellness and postpartum preparation from a partner’s perspective, learning resources, customized support with postpartum planning, and hands-on skills practice in diapering, carrying and soothing. The second cohort of the program, which begins May 3rd, will feature expert guest speakers including Dr. Jon Davies of the McKenzie River Men’s Center who will discuss mental health, Starlita Kilpatrick from the Mama Connect who will teach participants about the benefits of babywearing as well as how to do it safely and effectively and a representative from West Coast Diapers who will lead a session on diapering. Not only will participants gain tangible skills and important knowledge but also build that all important community through a social hour and ongoing connection through an online application even after the program ends.

The first cohort of the program which ended recently had participants from not only the greater Eugene area but also from California. Most of the participants heard about the program through word-of-mouth, according to Woodlee, though he would like to expand the reach of the program geographically as well as to those of all gender identities and expressions. 

For more information about the program, including how to join the second cohort which starts with a social hour on May 3rd, visit https://nurturely.org/survivaltraining.