Perinatal Equity. At Work.

Perinatal Health Equity… at work!

Inequities in pregnancy, postpartum, and infancy set the trajectory for lifelong and intergenerational disparities in health, economics, and societal well-being

… what is the role of workforce development?

Supporting birthworkers supports equitable workforce development, economic mobility, and a sustainable pipeline for entry-level perinatal professionals

Why invest in the perinatal workforce?


Supporting the entry, inclusion, and sustainability of diverse and intersectional members of the perinatal workforce advances workforce opportunities for priority populations


Supporting a perinatal workforce not only creates immediate economic opportunities but also supports pregnancy, postpartum, and infant health for those most impacted by societal inequities


By supporting perinatal health through a diverse and intersectional perinatal workforce, we can collectively support intergenerational and lifelong health equity goals (perinatal = prevention!)

What are doulas? Doulas are trained perinatal support people providing emotional, social, and cultural support and education throughout birth. Doulas are one type of “birthworkers” making up the perinatal workforce.

Get to work with us. 

Nurturely and partners, including Lane Workforce Partnership, are supporting workforce development for birthworkers in Lane County and beyond. We invite workforce partnerships in supporting health equity through investing in the training, support, and sustainability of the perinatal workforce.

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Let’s collaborate for a thriving workforce that supports broader health equity goals. 

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