The Science & Nature of Nurturing

Understanding the Problem

The first step to solving a problem is understanding it. In our data-driven society, rigorous, interdisciplinary research is the foundation of innovative solutions to address the root of inequities in perinatal health and early development. At Nurturely, we emphasize the integration of both the academic scientific method and the ancestral wisdom shared through storytelling and intergenerational transmission. 

The Science

When conducted in equitable and inclusive ways, interdisciplinary, community-participatory research can help advance policies that ultimately benefit parents and babies.  We aim to bridge the gap between the community and academic institutions to ensure that researchers are asking the questions most pertinent to parents and babies with the end goal of improving policies and practices. 

The Nature

Modern science is just starting to catch up with what human parents around the world have known all along. Though research has very little documentation of the physiological and psychological effects of ubiquitous human practices – for example, carrying babies – communities around the world understand the benefits of these practices. 

Commitment to Community-Participatory Research

Nurturely acknowledges the extensive harm that has been caused by medical and scientific research. Within perinatal health for example, researchers exploited the bodies of Black birthing people for the advancement of medical techniques that never came to benefit these communities. Nurturely emphasizes the importance of community-participatory approaches, where the community has leadership roles in the design and implementation of all research procedures and where the goal of the research is direct benefit to the communities involved.

Nurturely Research Collaborators

Collaborate with Us

Are you a researcher who is passionate about using science for good in the world? Do you want to collaborate to address community priorities and get your research out to the community? We’d love to hear from you.

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