Wombs & Wildfires

Join Nurturely and Human Rights Watch as we co-create solutions to mitigate the harm of wildfire on pregnant and postpartum people and babies in Oregon

Are you a pregnant person needing support for wildfire smoke and stress? Click here for information – updated materials coming soon. Are you a community member wanting to take action? See below for options to participate in resilience efforts with us – all are welcome. 


Perinatal people are a small portion of society at any one moment, but the perinatal time period really affects EVERY portion of society. Perinatal is a unique opportunity for intervention, prevention, and long-term impact that is not only more vulnerable than the other “vulnerable” populations, but also has more opportunity for impact.


To conduct interviews and gather enough data on harms of smoke on perinatal health, but more specific data on wildfire smoke would be helpful.

Join the 2023 Wombs & Wildfires Workgroup Series

Collaborate to produce a widely available and effective “Smoke & Wildfire Harm Prevention Toolkit for Perinatal Professionals”!
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Monthly - Fourth Thursdays @ 12:00pm Pacific
January 26th
February 23rd
March 23rd
April 27th

Virtual via Zoom meetings

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Including but not limited to: race, gender, culture
Participant understands that this virtual workshop will be recorded. By choosing to have video/sound on, participant grants to Nurturely the right to record their photo(s), video(s), name(s) to be shared on Nurturely communications. Participant understands that they must turn video and sound off and make zoom name anonymous if they would not like to be recorded.

Story Telling

We are prioritizing perinatal equity in wildfire mitigation and resilience by inviting birthworkers, Indigenous leaders, climate advocates, frontline health workers, and community organizers to share their experiences on the effect of wildfires on pregnancy and postpartum clients and patients.

We invite you to share your story with us and will provide a $50 gift card for your time

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