Supporting Equity in Perinatal Wellness

Nurturely promotes equity in perinatal wellness and strengthens cultures of support for infants and caregivers.

Who We Are

We prioritize prevention, tackling the root causes of perinatal disparities.

Priorizamosla prevención,abordando las causas fundamentales de las disparidades perinatales.

Our process is rooted in anti-racism and interdisciplinary collaboration, essential for ensuring parents and babies can access their optimal wellness. We engage all members of the community to build a society that fully supports the perinatal period.

Nurturely Programs

What We Offer

Nurturely offers programs in Spanish specifically by and for the Latinx community

Nurturely ofrece programas en Español específicamente por y para la comunidad Latinx


We create innovative, interdisciplinary training opportunities for perinatal professionals 

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We co-create local cultures of support for parents and birthworkers at Nurturely's headquarters: the Lounge

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We conduct and share research, build bridges with businesses, and create coalitions to address perinatal inequities

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Learn how to connect expectant parents and perinatal professionals to Nurturely services. Request a free outreach presentation to your organization, business, or school.

Featured Programs & Events

Embodying the Future

Interdisciplinary conference highlighting the latest science and ancestral wisdom relating to health and wellbeing during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

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Bubbly Brunch

Nurturely’s annual celebration of babies, wellness, caregivers, and equity. Cheers from home with our virtual champagne brunch.

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Milk Magic Training

Inclusive, accessible training for current and aspiring lactation educators to support bodyfeeding within your own community or care setting.

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Racism in Perinatal Health

Virtual workshop series exploring the role of racism in perinatal care and facilitating the creation of anti-racism action and accountability plans for perinatal professionals.

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Dismantling Oppression in Perinatal Wellness

Read more about Nurturely's anti-racism journey

Lea más sobre el recorrido de Nurturely en el antirracismo

Nurturely - Equity in Perinatal Wellness - Bubbly Brunch

Racism and systemic oppression are the biggest threats to perinatal wellness.

Internal Anti-Racism: We encourage critical analysis of ourselves, our operations, and our organization to ensure that we are actively working to dismantle systems of oppression in perinatal health and beyond.

Prioritizing Equity: Nurturely’s perinatal wellness programs are developed and led by diverse community representatives, with the goal of centering the experiences of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, queer/transgender, and all communities who experience barriers to optimal wellness.

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