Tiny Human Survival Training

Pre-Baby Preparation for the Non-Birthing Parent

Casual weekly meetup for dads and partners to build community before baby- PLUS -8+ hours of self-paced video content on preparing for baby

The pregnant person gets most of the attention, but fathers and non-birthing parents need to prepare for baby too! Join the Tiny Human Survival Training community for sharing of hands-on tools to support the birth parent and nurture a tiny human.  Tutorials include hands-on skills like diapering, carrying, soothing, and more.

The time to meet other dads and partners is NOW (before babe comes!) Join the free, casual, drop-in meetup virtual or in person at the Nurturely Lounge.

Knowledge + Tools + Community

Learning Content Session Outline


Keeping a tiny human alive is no joke. Learn physical and mental tools to help get you through.


Gain hands-on practice with diapering, soothing, feeding, and practical knowledge to back it up.


Navigate the difficulties of new parenthood with ease through training and knowledge.


Let us help you rally the troops - parenting a newborn isn't meant to be done alone.

Meet the Creator...

Welcome! As a new dad, there have been a lot of things that I have experienced and learned that would have been invaluable to know before my child arrived and in the early days of parenting. In this group, non-birthing parents will be able to learn more about their role in preparing and caring for babies; address some of their goals, questions, and concerns about bringing a life into this world; explore how we can tend to our mental health and relationships with the birthing parent; and establish a community with other new parents in a non-judgmental, accepting, and growth-oriented space. – Kyndl, Read my bio on the Team Page

Partners Need Preparation Too...


Tools for Success

Get the tools you need for success – Registering for the self-paced learning content comes with a Welcome Box with a baby carrier, practice diapers, and more ($125+ value!)

Frequently Asked Questions

This course + community is for expectant parents who are preparing to welcome a new baby as the partner to the birthing parent. This course was designed with the particular needs of people who are in a relationship with and supporting the person giving birth. We aim to affirm all racial identities, gender expressions, sexual identities, abilities, ages, nationalities and other identities. In all Nurturely programming, we work to ensure our facilitators, materials, and internal culture are inclusive and equitable. Read more about our values here. Interested in chatting with our group leaders before the course to determine whether it is the right fit? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us here.

Anytime during your partner’s pregnancy is fine. Because this content focuses on preparing for when baby comes, we recommend that you join a cohort during your partner’s third trimester. 

The four weeks of content will include weekly meetings where we will share tips on how to not only keep your baby alive, but how to thrive. Between meetings, there will be extra sessions and opportunities to engage with the other parents to grow your network. 

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Tiny Human Survival Training
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