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Perinatal Wellness Plays a Role in Lifelong Health

Physical and psychological wellness during the perinatal period is critical for the long term health of both parent and baby. The first years of an infant’s life are foundational for setting up a positive developmental trajectory. For parents, recovery from birth has lifelong implications for emotional wellness and disease prevention. 

Yet currently, parents and babies do not have equitable access to wellness during the perinatal period.

Implications of Perinatal Wellness

Supporting Perinatal Wellness Benefits all of Society

$ 0 Billion
Estimated Annual Savings from Preventing Postpartum Depression
Estimated Infant Lives Saved if Breastfeeding were Increased
Estimated Parent Lives Already Saved from Breastfeeding
0 %
Estimated Percent of Infant Hospital Admissions Preventable with Increased Human Milk Access

Healthy Babies = Healthy Adults

Physical Health

Prenatal movement and nutrition set baby up with a microbiome and metabolism that decrease risk of infections and obesity

Brain Development

A nurtured infancy and access to human milk contribute to increased myelination (brain connectivity) and increased grey matter during this critical window of brain development

Physiological Stability

The simple act of skin-to-skin with baby promotes growth, stabilizes infant physiology, and facilitates bonding

The same things that benefit baby’s health ALSO benefit the birthing parent! Prenatal movement and nutrition contribute to an easier postpartum recovery, breastfeeding decreases a parent’s risk of cancer and diabetes, and skin-to-skin contact with baby decreases stress hormones. 

Nurturely's Contributions

Empowered Parents

By reaching parents pre-baby, we can proactively share wellness knowledge, tools, and resources to help parents prepare for accessing their optimal wellness for themselves and their baby.

Competent Care

By providing avenues for culturally-matched care (i.e., Milk Magic Educator Program) and cultural humility (i.e., Racism in Perinatal & Pediatric Health), Nurturely is ensuring that perinatal professionals are excelling in their care for babies and parents.

Supportive Society

By collaborating with employers, policy makers, and business owners, we foster a society-wide connection to the importance of perinatal wellness. Wellness of parents and babies benefits all of society.

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