Celebrating Multicultural Lactation: A Transformative Partnership with CardCraft

Nurturely is excited to announce our partnership with CardCraft, a Black-founded and owned business based in Portland, Oregon. This collaboration is not just about creating beautiful art; it represents a powerful alliance in advocating for lactation equity and cultural inclusion.

August: A Month of Lactation Awareness and Advocacy

August is a significant month for lactation awareness as it is recognized as National Breastfeeding Month. Throughout this month, the world comes together to celebrate the beauty and importance of breastfeeding and human milk feeding. It begins with World Breastfeeding Week, followed by Indigenous Milk Medicine Week, Asian American Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Breastfeeding Week, and culminating with Black Breastfeeding Week. These events are essential in highlighting the diverse experiences of lactating parents across different cultures and communities.

Our Core Belief: Human Milk as a Human Right

At Nurturely, we firmly believe that human milk is a human right. We advocate for lactation equity, aiming to eliminate racial inequities in pregnancy, postpartum, and infant health. Lactation equity is not just about personal choice; it is about ensuring that every parent, regardless of their background, has access to culturally-relevant lactation support and resources.

A Collective Vision: Celebrating Multicultural Lactation

Our partnership with CardCraft goes beyond a business alliance. It is a celebration of multicultural lactation and a commitment to advocating for lactation as a human rights issue. We worked together to create an exclusive art collection that captures the essence of lactation and the diverse experiences of parents from different global communities.

Uplifting Lactation Awareness Through Art

The prints designed by CardCraft artists will serve as powerful reminders of the historical context of inequities in lactation access. Through their art, we hope to raise awareness about the systemic and cultural barriers that parents face when seeking to nourish their babies with human milk. Use these cards to tell stories, spark conversations, and inspire action towards creating a more equitable and supportive environment for lactating parents.

Why This Partnership Matters

CardCraft’s commitment to anti-racism and advocacy aligns perfectly with Nurturely’s core values. Together, we can bridge the public and private sectors to create impactful opportunities for change. Art has a unique power to touch hearts and change minds. Through the art created by CardCraft’s artists, we hope to foster a deeper understanding of lactation as a human right and the importance of culturally relevant lactation support.

Join the Celebration

As we unveil the exclusive art collection throughout August, we invite you to join us in celebrating multicultural lactation and advocating for lactation equity. Visit the CardCraft website to explore this exceptional art collection and Nurturely’s website to learn more about our mission and how you can get involved. Together with Card Craft, let’s uplift and honor multicultural lactation, making human milk a recognized human right for all.