Nurturing Partnerships: Empowering Birthworkers with Lane Workforce Partnership

Nurturing Partnerships- Empowering Birthworkers with Lane Workforce Partnership

At Nurturely, we are passionate about forging partnerships that empower our community and bring transformative change. Today, we are excited to spotlight our collaboration with Lane Workforce Partnership and their invaluable support in realizing our Birthworker Business Hub. This initiative is at the heart of our mission to nurture and elevate the birthing experience for all.

Lane Workforce Partnership: A Catalyst for Change Lane Workforce Partnership (LWP) is an organization dedicated to strengthening the economic vitality of Lane County, Oregon. Their commitment to workforce development aligns perfectly with our vision of supporting birthworkers in their journey to provide exceptional care. Through their collaboration with Nurturely, LWP has become a catalyst for change in the world of birthing and maternal wellness.

The Birthworker Business Hub: Empowering Birthworkers The Birthworker Business Hub, an initiative by Nurturely, is a hub of resources and support for birthworkers. It’s a space where passion meets professionalism, where birthworkers can access valuable tools to build and grow their practices while providing top-notch care to families.

Key Features of the Birthworker Business Hub:

Education & Training: 
The Birthworker Business Hub offers a range of educational resources, from workshops to webinars, designed to enhance birthworkers’ skills and knowledge. These resources are curated to keep birthworkers informed about the latest practices and guidelines.

Networking & Community:
Collaboration is at the core of the Birthworker Business Hub. Birthworkers can connect with peers, share experiences, and learn from one another. This sense of community is invaluable, especially in a field where support and camaraderie are vital.

Business Development: Building a successful birthwork practice requires more than just clinical skills; it requires savvy business acumen. The hub provides resources and guidance on business development, marketing, and financial management to help birthworkers thrive.

Equity & Inclusivity: Nurturely and LWP are committed to promoting equity and inclusivity in the birthing world. The Birthworker Business Hub places a strong emphasis on cultural competence and anti-racist practices to ensure that every family receives care that respects their unique needs and backgrounds.

Financial Support: 
LWP’s support enables us to offer financial assistance to birthworkers who may face economic barriers to pursuing their passion. This ensures that birthwork remains accessible to all, regardless of financial constraints.

Making a Positive Impact Through this partnership, we aim to make a positive impact not only on the birthworkers themselves but also on the families they serve. By equipping birthworkers with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to excel in their profession, we are elevating the standard of care in maternal wellness.

Join Us in Celebrating Change We invite you to join us in celebrating this transformative partnership with Lane Workforce Partnership. Together, we are nurturing a community where birthing experiences are empowered, inclusive, and respectful of individual needs and backgrounds.

To explore the Birthworker Business Hub and learn more about our partnership with Lane Workforce Partnership, visit our Birthworker Business Hub page. Together, we are nurturing a brighter future for birthing and maternal wellness.