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Together with YOUR support and partnership...

We are tackling racism in perinatal care

We have trained...

professionals with concrete steps toward action and accountability

Preventative Education

Led by Board President Sabia Wade, we have hosted virtual learning spaces that encourage interaction, push boundaries, and help people get comfortable with discomfort.

Intersectional Conversations

We address racism with an intersectional lens - our trainings have addressed the intersecting identities of being Deaf, being previously incarcerated, being a father, and being in different parts of the perinatal care team.

Ongoing Support

Our trainings are not one-and-done, but rather start the important conversations then provide the space for ongoing accountability and support. Led by Ayisha Elliot, we host monthly meetups for all participants of our trainings.

We are advocating for climate solutions

We have engaged...

people in climate advocacy and education efforts

We are representing pregnant people of color on local Climate Action task forces and organizing coalitions to address the intersection of climate justice and perinatal health equity

We are removing barriers to lactation access

In times of formula crisis, it becomes even more critical to stay focused on sustainable, equitable access to bodyfeeding and human milk

Our Milk Magic Educator Program is up to...


We led webinars on lactation as a human rights issue for:


We received funding for rural lactation support for:


We are supporting cultures of carrying

Access to infant carrying is a health equity issue: carrying promotes bonding, supports lactation, and even decreases postpartum depression!


At the Nurturely Boutique, we partner with Black and Indigenous-owned carrier companies. To increase access to these beautiful carriers, we also have a CarrierX rental program

Portabebés on the Porch

Together with Babywearing y Bailando (babywearing & dance) and Carrying y Caminando (carrying & hiking), we curate bilingual, multicultural spaces for fun access to carrying education and support.

Carriers for Health Equity

We provide training on how to incorporate carrying education into birthwork and perinatal care practices, centered in carrying as a cultural practice and human rights issue.

We are supporting the sustainability of a multicultural workforce

We increase representation in the perinatal workforce through inclusive, intersectional training opportunities with full scholarships for Black, Brown, Indigenous people of color.

...we just received a 3-year grant to support a birthworker sustainability project!

We are conducting research to explore perinatal solutions

In partnership with a interdisciplinary team of universities and community-based organizations, we are prepping for the next iteration of a randomized controlled trial to test the postpartum health implications of parent-infant physical contact

We are empowering proactive postpartum preparation

Our groups for parents and birthworkers focus on preventative solutions for some of the most common postpartum challenges: physical recovery, mental wellness, infant feeding and interaction, and partner dynamics

In Eugene, Oregon? Join us at the Nurturely Lounge

We are advocating for intersectional loss prevention and support

Our annual retreat for perinatal advocates on the Oregon coast brought to light the need for inclusive, equity-focused prevention of infant loss.

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