Aerie Sanctuary

Aerie Sanctuary

Peer-to-peer sanctuary space for new or expectant parents who are Black, Indigenous, Latinx, or from other communities of color. 

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Join us either in person or virtually every Wednesday 3pm PST at the Perinatal Lounge (or via zoom) for drop-in, free support and community-building around pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting 

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Aerie Sanctuary Registration - BIPOC Only
Lounge Rules: space is limited, masks are required (N95 preferred, available at the Lounge) and proof of vaccination is required
Photos/videos will be taken at this event - verbal consent will be asked beforehand and opportunity to opt-out will be available. For participants who opt into being recorded/photographed at this event, participant grants to Nurturely the right to distribute photo(s)/video(s) of themselves/ their child with the public for purposes that support Nurturely's mission. Participant releases Nurturely from any claims arising from the use of the photo(s) and waives any right to royalties or other compensation. *********************************** Mientras se está grabado, el/la participante otorga a Nurturely el derecho de distribuir fotos/videos de ellos(as) mismos y/o de su hijo/a con el público, con el fin de apoyar la misión de Nurturely. El/La participante libera a Nurturely de cualquier reclamo que surja del uso de la(s) foto(s) y renuncia a cualquier derecho a regalías u otra compensación relacionada con el uso de la(s) foto(s)/video(s).

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